all you need to know before the first stay


It is necessary to schedule a first meetup with your dog before we can welcome them to the pack.


Why is this so important? Not every dog is made for group housing. As we want your best friend to feel comfortable at the daycare, we want to make sure that spending the day in a group is what he needs. Apart from that you get the opportunity to get to know Villa Bunterhund better. That way, you will feel more comfortable leaving your dog in our hands.


First meetups can be arranged any day from Monday through Friday at 02.00 PM (additional charges apply).


Can't make it to the probation visit due to work? No problem! You can bring your furry friend to us for a full day and our professional caretaker team will introduce him or her to the pack.


We recommend scheduling a probation visit early enough before the first stay, so your dog has enough time to get used to the new situation and spend a day at our daycare.


The cost for a probation visit is CHF 100.00. If your doggie spends the full day at ours in order to meet the pack, the fee for a daycare spot applies.

Intact Male Dogs & Female Dogs

Due to past experiences within our group, we unfortunately are not able to look after intact male dogs. Exeptions are puppies and young dogs that have not reaches their pubescence. The caretakers at Villa Bunterhund will let you know, from when on it is no longer possible for your dog to stay in the group.


Intact female dogs can stay at the daycare even during heat for a surcharge, though we recommend taking care of them at home during this period.


It is usually possible to leave puppies in our hands. It is very important to get them ready for such a big, new experience first, though. We therefore recommend scheduling 2-3 visits, during which we can slowly build up the group dynamics and prepare your best friend for daycare. If you want to leave your puppy with us, please take aside enough time so we do not over strain your dog.


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