Terms & Conditions


We pledge to take care of and nurse you dog and seek out a veterinary surgeon in the event of injuries or illnesses. The cost of veterinary performance including transport of the dog as well as additional cost are to born by the owner.


We pledge to fulfill the assigned tasks in all conscience and due diligence. This is only possible, if the owner informs us about all necessities and duly instructs us (for example special diets, dangers, allergies, illnessess, behavioral disorders, etc.).


Your dog needs to be vaccinated against hepatitis, leptospirosis, canine parovirosis and kennel cough annually. The vaccinations should be taken care of 8 days prior to your dog's visit. The vaccination card is to be produced to the caretakers upon request. 


The fees displayed on www.villa-bunterhund.ch/preise  apply, excluding 8% value added tax (VAT). 


Surcharges apply for the following:

female dogs during heat                            CHF 20.00

Puppies or non house-trained dogs         CHF 10.00

Emergencies, unforeseen Check-Ins

announced after 7pm before the

preceding day                                               CHF 10.00

Sundays, bank and national holidays       CHF 10.00


Holiday and overnight stays are to be paid in advance. The day of arrival as well as the day of departure will be fully charged.


Drop offs and Handovers are not possible on Sundays as well as bank and national holidays.


The client engages to inform us if he is not able to pick up his dog on the agreed date. In emergencies respectively in the event of termination of contract not according to request, the dog automatically remains entrusted in our care. The aforementioned care will be charged retroactively according to our pricelist.

Cancellation policy

Scheduled day cares are to be cancelled 48 hours before the actual stay. Cancellations for Mondays are to be communicated until Friday evening prior to the stay the latest, as we are difficult to reach on weekends. Late cancellatios or cancellations at too short notice will be charged at full rate - even if the cancellation is due to health reasons. Cancellations are only valid after our confirmation.


Scheduled holidays are to be cancelled four weeks prior to the stay the latest.


Cancellations can be done by phone or email. Late cancellations, not completed or not taken up stays will be charged at full rate.



The invoice for our services of any kind are to be paid within 10 days of the invoice date (monthly). The reminder charges are Fr. 10.00.


Holidays are to be paid in advance.


Invoices can be paid by payment slip, card payment or by cash.

Accountability in the event of damage and loss

We are only liable towards the owner of the dog or third parties for damages that have arised due to obvious infringement of the duty to take care. The liability is reduced to the bound of possibility of our private liability insurance. If have not been duly instructed by the owner, we fully reject any liability that resulting from the owner or thrid parties. 


Owners of dogs are to conduct a private liability insurance that guaranteesfull coverage even when looked after a third party.


The owner of the animal confirms that the information provided in the contract/registration form is true and correct. He also engages, to inform us about any bad habits of his animals, for exampe destructiveness, aggressiveness or illnesses. Should the owner not have informed us accordingly, the owner is liable for any damage caused by his animal.


We reserve our right to refuse taking care of aggressive or overly scared dogs or to take care of them separately at a surcharge.


In case of death of a dog at the daycares default, the maximum cost/price for a pedigree dog (documentation required) the daycare defrays is Fr. 1'000.00, for all other dogs the maximum price to be defrayed is Fr. 300.00, depending on the age of the deceased dog.


Even though the dogs are being thouroughly looked after, it can happen that an animal might escape. If the animal can not be found – even if it has been searched for thouroughly – the owner has no claim for damages.


Should we detect a demonstrably suspicion of animal mistreat, we reserve the right to undertake the necessary steps and to not hand over the animal to the owner should the aforementioned suspicion turn out to be confirmed.

Conclusion / Concluding provisions

Any non-defined regulations are subject to the applicable legal law and regulations. Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of this agreement shall be the competent court of Kriens LU.


By signing the form „Information about the dog“, the owner confirms having read and agreed on these terms of conditions.


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